We get a lot of great feedback from our guests and clients and we decided to start spreading the word. If you have ever had a ChillVille moment with us, we'd be glad to post your comments here, so please share!

".....I really enjoyed your oxygen bar at the HIMSS Conference in San Diego. I visited at least three times in three days. I returned so many times because I felt so much better after the first time. On the first time, my legs were sore from running and I was very tired from walking around so I stopped in to rest more than anything. But when I used the oxygen therapy and I got up and started walking around, I noticed my legs felt much better. I was really surprised how much better they felt. I was able to stay on the floor of the exposition area the rest of the day as a result. Thanks again for the oxygen and for the education I received." -Patrick B

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ChillVille at Popsicle (rave), San Francisco

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“ChillVille was an invaluable part of my trade show program.  Their professionalism and customer service is excellent, and they helped draw record breaking crowds to our booth.  The oxygen also gave me extra energy and helped me through the grueling trade show hours.  I would recommend Chillville and look forward to working with them again.” -Heidi Smith, NetworkD Marketing Manager

"...We all agreed that having the oxygen bar was a nice touch. I especially liked the colors, it gave it a nice touch and added to the ambience. Thanks again for joining us." -Eleanor Palacio, San Francisco LGBT Center

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