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No other Oxygen Bar offers options like custom aroma manus, tension relief massages, light & sound machines, custom signs and decor. even invitations and party themes! Ask us about these special options!


Face it, throwing a great party these days isn't just about a good DJ, some good food and maybe a chocolate fountain. You need something to entertain and engage your guests, something to surprise them and something to keep them buzzing for days or weeks after. ChillVille is just the answer.

We set a ChillVille Vibe no other Oxygen Bar or entertainer can match: between our glowing, bubbling interactive bars, fresh aromas, friendly party attitude and special party extras, you can't find a better HIGHLIGHT for your party!

When you hire ChillVille Oxygen Bars, it's not a party anymore...IT'S A BASH!

The news is in: kids, adults and seniors ALL LOVE PURIFIED OXYGEN. It's safe and healthy! The fantastic aromas add to the fun. Kids get to try them all and change them around, adults get to relax and enjoy! Click above for a QUICK COMPETITIVE QUOTE!



Call (951)443-7014 Now for a Quotation! Best Oxygen Bar Rates for ANY EVENT!

ChillVille provides its services and products for recreational relaxation purposes and makes no medical claims.

Why Oxygen at your party?

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