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"How did you come up with THIS?!"

Well, we LOVE to relax and wanted to find a way for folks to smile and relax when they're on the go. When we first tried an Oxygen Bar, that was it! The mild euphoria and cleansing sensation of the purified Oxygen coupled with the aromatherapy's soothing effects make for a perfect ChillVille Session.


ChillVille Oxygen Bars EVERYWHERE!

Because Purified Oxygen is so safe and fun for all ages, we learned that it's a perfect crowd-pleaser at ANY event. Kids love it, party goers, weary conventioneers.

Did you know that our Oxygen Bars attract more clients at corporate events than alcohol bars?!

We served over 450 guests at the Mirage in Las Vegas recently, in only 5 hours. The idle alcohol bartenders were stunned. So were we!

Captivate your guests or potential clients with a rejuvenating ChillVille Session. Many come back for more!

ChillVille "captured" 260 guests in 12 hours for NetworkD at this event. Each one seated for a relaxing 5 minute purified Oxygen session, a survey and time to chat with NetworkD Sales Reps!

ChillVille is the brainchild of Doug & Paula Murray, from Moreno Valley, California.

Doug battled the corporate freeways of Industrial Hardware sales for 19 years while Paula raised 3 great kids and an OK husband. Finally something snapped in both of them. They traded a little sanity for fun and freedom, and ChillVille was born. We are about to celebrate our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Plans are in development for ChillVille expansion of our mobile operations as well as opening our first stationary ChillVille Rejuvenation Center. We are currently seeking innovative investors, designers, artists, architects, marketers,deejays and lighting experts.

Trust us, ChillVille is an escape plan waiting to happen for you, and we're only going to keep improving the plan.Keep Checking in through 2009 for CV news!


JGurlz Founder Joanna Schlip, celebrity Make-Up Artist and Author, with Margarita and Janica at the JGurlz Charity Gala, being taped for an upcoming TV special while on CVO2!

"Who Dreamed this up?"

ChillVille is about bringing a new form of relaxation, Chillaxation, to the world.

Not just another Oxygen Bar rental company, ChillVille strives to provide a unique experience and superior products to our clients and put a permanent smile on their faces.

With mind-bending light and sound machines, spine tingling tension relief massages, music and color therapy and of course, 93% purified Oxygen infused with exotic fresh aromas, let ChillVille take you AWAY!

Joanna Schlip with Margarita and Janica


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ChillVille at HDI, Nashville TN, NetworkD booth, March 2006

ChillVille at the Viper Room, Hollywood, CA Halloween, 2005

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